Monday, September 27, 2010


So over the weekend and today I've familiarized myself with Django, the web framework Ductus is built on. It seems fairly intuitive so far. I've also been debating this ticket. My quick fix for the ticket was a little too general. Ductus currently uses the first line of Creole code for a wiki page as it's title. This becomes a problem when Creole syntax characters are in the line ('=, *, [['). I've been thinking about the best way to handle this problem. If there are images or external URL's in the first line this is even worse. You can't just strip off some Creole characters and put a URL in the title of a page. I think I'm going to look at posting the page's URL in the title. It doesn't make sense to pull information from the page unless we mandate a page title at the beginning of every page. ie "= English Lessons =". Otherwise we could pull the first line which is a link to something else. An example would be having a page listing spanish lessons with the first link being "spanish introduction". The current code would pull "spanish introduction" when it really should be something like "All Spanish Lessons".

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