Thursday, October 28, 2010

Transbot Todo list this weekend

So we're getting close to our first packaged version of Transbot. I want to get a few things down before then.

1. In channel commands: add/remove channel, change language, better help text, report bad translations.

2. Bot needs to handle incorrect language acronyms. It currently crashes if asked to translate to a language that doesn't exist.

3. We need to use a standard .ini config system instead of our custom .conf. This will standardize the configuration file and make it easier code-wise.

I think we can get this done this weekend and prepare for launching an rpm next week.

Transbot: Testing

Transbot is up and running this week for testing!!!

We are looking for community testing and feedback. For complete information regarding how to help please check out our wiki.

Here's how you can contribute:

1. Join the testing channels. #transbot-test-en is in English. #transbot-test-es is in Spanish and #transbot-test-rand is designed to allow users to change the language to anything. To set the language in a channel simply type ".xx" where xx is the two letter language acronym. You only need to type this once. Afterwards you can simply send messages and they will automatically be translated.

2. Try to break the bot. Feel free to play around with phrases you think will not be translated well. We want to see how well the bot can withstand abuse. Please don't hold back :-)

3. Give us feedback. You can contact us at and You can also file bug reports here.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I've been working on Wikiotics today. I finally figured out where in the javascript code I need to add a "delete" button. I just wrote in TEST to see if it worked. I have to add the button in the PictureChoiceGroupWidget() function in editor.js. So next steps towards delete functionality. 1. add a button 2. connect button to individual picture choice groups 3. send command back to python code to delete that picture choice group

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Busy Transbot Day

So Mark and I reviewed and updated the milestones today. Here they are:

1: Stable version with robust command line functionality and IRC commands

  • Robust command line with option flags
  • Persistent configuration file
  • In-channel commands
  • Error/ debug logging

2: Package for distribution

  • Package code into an rpm
  • Post an instance of the bot running on a server

3: Community Testing

  • Reach out to the community and ask them to try our bot
  • Check the transbot logs for performance

4: Optimize the code to handle large payloads

  • Implement a twisted reactor system
  • Research optimization options

5: Add Features

  • in-channel translate requests
  • add/remove channel
I closed two tickets as well. #9 and #10

We're getting close to closing Milestone #1. The plan is to have it done this weekend. Then we can start on community outreach next week.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Closing tickets today

So today I fixed the json parsing in Transbot. It was a pretty simple fix Jlew showed me. I'm going to continue to bang out code today while I still have free time. X(

Oh and I forgot to give a link to my Transbot presentation from the HFOSS class. Here it is.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Transbot wiki

Okay finally got the transbot wiki up and running. It's a little bare bones but it's something to build off of. Mark and I have started outlining our milestones. Next step is to link tickets to the milestones. Oh I also made a user page on the Sugar Labs wiki. link