Monday, February 27, 2012

pyBotWar: State of the Code

Tomorrow we are moving into the final hackfest for this class. Before the hackfest I want to outline what we've gotten done so far and what I think we can get done before the project is due.

What We Have
  • Working back end code pushing to a memcache
  • Working client reading memcache and properly drawing all elements of the game.
  • Updated graphics for all the bots
What We Need to Have
  • Facebook authentication
  • User uploaded bots
  • Restricted python
  • Starting a game with friends' bots 
Would be Nice
  • Better selection of starting bots
  • Different weapons/ body types
  • Multiple arenas
  • Game playback
  • Communication protocol
    • hacking other bots (mwuhahaha)
At this point I feel comfortable saying we will have a finished, polished product. The remaining necessary features are fairly low hanging fruit. Given the amount of time we are planning on spending  hacking tomorrow I don't think we'll have any problems getting this done.
That means we get to spend most of the hackfest adding cool new features. I'm really excited to implement some new weapons and bodies. Also, I love the idea of hacking other bots through a communication protocol. You could have a bot that could just sit still and use all of it's processor power cracking the encryption of the other bots and telling them to attack each other.

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