Wednesday, November 17, 2010

SilverStripe - Microsoft Certified

Surfing the web today I found something surprising, an open source web framework written in php under the BSD license, Silver Stripe. That's not the cool part though. Silver Stripe is Microsoft Certified. Check out their blog here for some more info on that.

This is truly ground breaking in my opinion. It seems that more and more the big software companies are seeing how beneficial open source development can be. I plan on checking out this framework soon and writing more about it's features. Even though I've had some bad experiences with Windows in the past and have since moved to Fedora Linux there is no reason we can't come to a truce. If Microsoft is going to accept open source as a viable option I think they should be commended.

I wish the developers of Silver Stripe the best of luck. I hope open source developers will find this project and really show the power of the open source community to Microsoft.

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