Tuesday, July 5, 2011

TIL Javascript

So I've been banging out my javascript video plugin. Turns out there's more work to do than I thought. I plan on making it fully jQuery compatible as it currently doesn't play well with the other jQuery elements we're using.

We just had a meeting with Dr. Sutton and he likes our prototypes so far. Next step is to start adding functionality. Our two week goal is to add basic clinical questions. We will model it off of the interaction that receptionists typically have with patients when they first come in. While I'm waiting for example questions from the clinic, I'm going to start creating a dynamic internationalization system. basically all text in the program will be assigned to variables. Then in the backend each variable can have multiple translations stored for it. If we do this right we can make it simple for non-technical humans to add new questions and translations.

Updates later :-)

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